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Updation [15 Jun 2005|05:53pm]
Sorry I had been on xanga for awhile, then myspace. But I'm going to try and keep updating my lj rather frequently. Much love,
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Hiii. [07 Mar 2005|03:11pm]
I want to do a duo with someone next year.
profkc7: |P|O|T| my anti-drug

So much homework...not cool...

Jon <3
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Fred. [04 Mar 2005|08:15pm]
Fred is my lover..he's so sexxy <3333 Jon may have some competition :O

Jon <3
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ghmmm [03 Mar 2005|05:45pm]
Today was okay. I really feel like crap and I don't feel like doing my homework (What else is new??!). Forensics tomarrow then girl scouts (I think...k someone call me if I'm wrong). Saturday forensics then Nina's party. Sunday..um...gotta invite people over I guess.

Jon <3
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New layout! [02 Mar 2005|05:29pm]
Yep, new layout! I should really do my homework, eh, oh well.

OMG and I just found out my cousin had a baby on February 23rd. And guess what her name is? KIRA! After me :) Well..sorta. Anyway, now I can say that I'm actually related to a Kira! Kira Lynn Tully :D Niceeeee.


Jon <3


You shall cross the barren desert,
but you shall not die of thirst.
You shall wander far in safety,
though you do not know the way.

You shall speak your words in foreign lands,
and all will understand,
You shall see the face of God and live.

Be not afraid,
I go before you always,
Come follow Me,
and I shall give you rest.

If you pass through raging waters
in the sea, you shall not drown.
If you walk amidst the burning flames,
you shall not be harmed.

If you stand before the pow'r of hell
and death is at your side,
know that I am with you, through it all

Be not afraid,
I go before you always,
Come follow Me,
and I shall give you rest.

Blessed are your poor,
for the Kingdom shall be theirs.
Blest are you that weep and mourn,
for one day you shall laugh.

And if wicked men insult and hate you,
all because of Me,
blessed, blessed are you!

Be not afraid,
I go before you always,
Come follow Me,
and I shall give you rest.

Words and music: Bob Dufford, S.J.
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YAY! [01 Mar 2005|09:53am]
No school. And I'm sick. But it's cool anyway.

Jon <3
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on board [27 Feb 2005|09:02pm]
I'm on a cruise right now =)

Jon <3
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HARVARD [17 Feb 2005|07:15pm]
Harvard tomarrow...oh how I can't wait <33
I've started a new book, That Summer, which is absolutely fab :D
I dare say that I don't want to take the history test tomarrow!

Jon <3
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heyyy [16 Feb 2005|03:17am]
I'm on the computer at 3:00 in the morning working on my stupid projects because I was so busy yesturday =/ I'm procrastinating.

Jon <3
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:) [13 Feb 2005|12:18pm]
Yesturday was great <333
Today I have homework to do and then my mom and I are going to the cemetary yeah and then to walmart...
And my neighbors are coming over today. Mmmh. Very cool ^^

XCRunner4463: good morining
Grey elegance: morning?
XCRunner4463: yes
XCRunner4463: morning
Grey elegance: where are you?
XCRunner4463: new jersey
Grey elegance: and what have you done with bill?
XCRunner4463: um
XCRunner4463: he's locked in a closet
XCRunner4463: not that i would know
Grey elegance: haha ok
Grey elegance: tell him i say hi then
XCRunner4463: ok

Jon <3
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heyyy [12 Feb 2005|09:32am]
I'm online again...bad me...
Anyway, I'm going shopping today <333
Then I'm going to the dance with Jon :D
And hopefully Neela can come over tomarrow and practice our duo.
Can't wait for Harvard ^.^

» iinformatiion «

oo1.first name: Lauren
oo2.middle name: Mary
oo3.last name: Sopko
oo4.mothers name: Kathy
oo5.fathers name: Ed
oo6.sisters name: None
oo7.brothers name: None
oo8.age: 14
oo9.best friends name: Nina, Brooke, Ashley, Beth, Kerry <33
o10.pets name: Sassy, Jamie
o11.how many alive grandparents do you have: 2

» Girl stuff «

o12. do you wear alot of black eyeliner: Um...not a lot
o13. would you label your self as a prep: Sometimes
o14. would you label yourself as a punk: Sometimes
o15. do you hate posers: No
o16. would you call yourself a poser: No
o17. would you say you're girly: Yeah
o18. what is your favorite brand of lip gloss: Doesn't matter
o19. eyeshadow: White
o20. blush / foundation: Covergirl
o21. do you prefer tampons or pads: Lol do you REALLY wanna know?
o22. bra size: 34b
o23. what is your typical hair do: Stright sometimes curly
o24. describe your typical outfit: Jeans and a t
o25. do you prefer jeans or a skirt: Either

» relatiionshipsz «

o26. about how many relationships have you been in: 1 serious, a few dating
o27. do you have a boyfriend: Yep <3
o28. do you prefer passionate kissing or simple pecks : Either's fine
o30. do you prefer short term or long term relationship: Long
o31. brown or blonde haired boys?: Doesn't matter
o32. tall or short: Slightly taller than me
o33.abercrombie boys or hollister boys: Who cares?
o34. which celebrity are you convinced your going to marry: None
o35. what is the longest relationship you ever had: :D Jon
o36. have you ever broke down in tears over stupid boy: Mmhmm
o37. have you ever been dumped ?: No
o38. ever had your heart broken ?: Yeah
o39. ever broken a heart.: Yeah

» which friend is the .. «

o40. awesomest: Bethic
o41. one with the best skin: Uhh...Nina
o42. one who says the funniest things: Nina/Adam
o43. blondest: Katie
o44. most likely to become rich: All of em
o45. most likely to become a prostitute: lol =D
o46. richest: uhhh Adam
o47. ugliest: Me haha
o48. most boy crazy: Nina

» musiiq and entertainmentt «

o49. best rapper: Idk they're all ok
o50. best hip hop artist: Same as above
o51. best pop singer: None XD haha
o52. best group: Yellowcard def
o53. best horror movie- Them all :)
o54. best movie- The Haunting
o55. best action film- Umm..idk Undercover Brother lol
o56. favorite movie theatre- Mall
o57. favorite soapopera- Don't generally watch
o58. favorite tv shows- Everwood
o59. favorite cartoon- Rugratsssss <333
o60. favorite actor and actress-Beverly Mitchell and David Gallagher

» appearance «

o61. eye color-- Blue
o62. hair color-- dirty blonde I guess
o63. skin tone-- Um idk light
o64. do you wear alot of makeup -- umm idk
o65. do you have highlights: natural + dyed :)
o66. how often do you get your hair done: umm 4 months
o67. about how tall are you: 5'4
o68. about how much do you weigh: umm idk like 115 ish
o69. would you consider yourself pretty: no not really
o70. do you feel ugly at times: sure
o71. do guys give you attention because of your looks: no....i dont think so at least

» food «

o72. favorite brand of macaroni and cheese: i dont like it..ate it too much as a kid..
o73. favorite cereal: frosted mini wheats
o74. favorite restaurant: umm east star
o75. favorite supper?: pizza haha
o76. favorite coffee: none
o77. favorite ice cream flavor-- cookies and cream
o78. favorite gum-- bubbleyum
o79. favorite kind of cookie-- double-stuff oreos ^^
o80. favorite type of food.--ice. cream.

» shoppiing «

o81. favorite mall- Woodbridge..hot stuff <3
o82. favorite clothing store- Hollister, Forever 21, Bebe
o83. favorite department store-- ummmm eh they're all ok
o84. favorite makeup store-- Sephora
o85. last item you purchased-- Books
o86. last time you were at the mall-- Today:)
o87. favorite purse brand-- doesn't matter
o88. people you last went to the mall with-- my mom
o89. favorite person to shop with-- Tara
o90. amount spent on last shopping outing.- uhh like 20

» right now you're .. «

o91. listening to : nothing
o92. watching: nothing
o93. wearing: abercrombie shorts, white tank + grey sweater
o94. wanting: get ungrounded
o95. thinking: get...ungrounded...
o96. talking to: len
o97. saying: when does the dance start?
o98. wishing: get...ungrounded...
o99. drinking: nothing
100. happy that this survey is over ? sure

Jon <3
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whoa [11 Feb 2005|07:01pm]
So I'm allowed on for likw 15 minutes, for real, no joke:) Lol. So anyway I was sick today, but I'm feeling a lot better because I slept so much. I can't go to forensics tomarrow:( but I CAN go to the dance (How cool is that?!?!) My friend is really sad right now so I'm sad :( Now I'm talking to Brit wow I haven't seen her in forever. Or Felicia. BTW Neela if you're reading this, can you come over Sunday to work on our duo? I'm really sorry that I couldn't go today.

Jon <3
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hi [10 Feb 2005|08:04pm]
Hi. Life is good.

Jon <3
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Grounded [30 Jan 2005|04:41pm]
I'm grounded from the computer. Not fun. Forensics tournament on Saturday was cool, lol though I have a feeling there are lots of rumors...

Baby shower was fun today. I get two free rental movies from blockbuster...


Jon <3
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Hello. [23 Jan 2005|09:07am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm so bored. I should probably study for english...Well I now know one of the things I've been trying to find out for the last week. I need to get my parents to write a note for band saying that I saw a concert. The end.

Jon <3

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ELLO [22 Jan 2005|07:01pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ello ello. Midterms I am not looking foward to at all...gr....Reinstalled my computer...talking to Jess, Katherine, Jon, and KC (On one of his 934820348x sns) now...yeah..how interesting. And Matt. I'm talking to Matt now. I never got Amy-Beth's letter, it's very sad:( Yay Katherine updated her xanga! Wooo!

Today Jon came over to study for alg 2 very cool =)

The Mad scratch: Lauren.

Ims me with that then doesn't repond..I don't get this kid lsdkafhlsdkfjsdljkf.

My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a bitch.
-- Jack Nicholson

Jon <3

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hmmmm [19 Jan 2005|04:15pm]
I have a headache...it's snowing. I hope we don't have school tomarrow. I just talked to Kerry, I wish I could hang with her at Pingry but my mom can be weird so she won't let me =(

J J A m Ki D: i have come to ask something of the graphics guru :D

Lol haha ^.^

I guess that's it. I have to go memorize my duo now, bye!

Jon <3
I'll decide eventually lol :)
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... [17 Jan 2005|04:32pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Yeah I'm very confused about a lot of things...

And I have midterms to study for so if anyone has the same teacher as me, call so we can study together or something.

I guess it's the day...very depressing. And I feel sick.

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Heyyy. [16 Jan 2005|11:24am]
[ mood | giggly ]

I've laughed so much the past few days, it's not even funny (Okay it is haha). Friday I didn't get home until like 10:20 and then yesturday I had forensics until like 5:45. Um..yeah I got 5th in jvoi. Congrats to the other people who also broke :D

Jon <3

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Today. [13 Jan 2005|04:22pm]
It was okay..my science teacher thinks less of me though =/ Uhh...yeah guitar was cool nd stuff. I'm waiting for Neela to come online so she can give me some cool links..um..Jon "made" some fudge at school lol which is so awesome. I'm changing the song on my lj to uh..well I don't really like the song but I hear it like everyday.

I'm doing a gossip column for english..I don't read GOSSIP columns but heyy oh well, right?

Nd tomarrow is going to be madd cool (wow..I never talk like this) cause I'm going to school (not so cool), then forensics :D then gs haha we're havin a debate then teen center with jon <3

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost." -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Expectations are changing. Visionaries are frustrated when no one else shares their perceptions or gets their messages. You're sure to ruffle many feathers once you do something unusual, but you have no choice.

Awww my lil cuz has a bf this is so cute (Her away messgae + profile:)
I love Alex!!
brb watchin trl
thinkin of alex


I love Alex<3<3<3<3xoxo

Jon <3
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